Friday, October 13, 2017

The Story of Snacks - Part 1

As per yesterday's post, I wanted to share with you the wonderful snacks in my life in pictures. I am from a place where snacks are an everyday thing. In Penang, you can find snacks everywhere. People eat them for eat break, work break, study break, catch up with friends, catch up with family, anything! But in Singapore, snacks are a bit hard to come by. Portion served are so big and so expensive that the only proper way I can have my snack-fix is by doing it at home. That, and because I'm cheap :P But after reading through this post, maybe you will change your mind, and start creating snacks at home too! So let's start with non-homemade snacks! Above is one of my favourite photo of a perfect moment. My favourite brownies from a a Malay bakery that is super thick, super sweet that you can feel your blood pumping! And they go so well with just plain milk! I was reading a book while eating these, and the chapter I was at was "Love". And I look around me, and this was when the universe and the stars are align moment. Everything was just in place, and so I snap this photo :)

Next, two photography of Chinese New Year snacks. On the left is Kuih Bulu or egg buns? On the right is Kuih Kapit, also made of egg batter. The kuih is the round cigar looking thing soak in the coffee. But these are usually only available in my house during Chinese New Year period. Both are kinda sweet, so they go well wit black coffee.

Above some japanese snacks that my colleague gave me when she visit my home this year. I will blog about what we did in another entry. But these crackers are really nice, and they are healthy too. But I bet they are expensive, as all japanese snacks are.... But I think it's nice to get some, especially when you are visiting Japan, cause snack time can also be a time you remind yourself of that wonderful holiday you had in Japan! Wash that down with lovely green tea!

Speaking of Japanese, my favourite Japanese bakery is Johan for their lovely Canele, but above photo is of their mini croissant. Their chocolate croissant just melts in your mouth! Also goes well with black coffee!

Recently I've also been addicted to matcha powder a.k.a. green tea powder. They look like the green drink in the above photo. I love how they smell, and how they taste, like kinda seaweed like. They are sugarless, so I guess they are suppose to be healthy. A bag of 40g - 50g will cost you around SGD7 to SGD10 depending on the quality, but they can last quite long. I have been drinking one bag for maybe a month now. If you buy them in Japan, they cost SGD5. They go well with sweet stuff like macarons! Oh how pretty they look!

Even simple stuff can be make into beautiful snacks. Magnum mini with fresh strawberries. They look so vibrant in colour. Or matcha(again) flavoured Crunch with espresso coffee.  Life is too short not to enjoy your snack. But keep the portion small!

Snacks can also be gift from friends! Left is a pineapple tart from my colleague in Taiwan. Or right, a Christmas present from an ex-colleague, weird looking tea bag from Korea! Simple things like these brightens up my day.

Or that time when I first join my current company and they gave us discount to buy Hokkaido Snaffles Cheesecakes. I got these like there were no tomorrow in original and of course, matcha flavour! 

And from time to time, I have a craving for strawberry shortcakes. Mainly because they reminded me of a beautiful cake in Kii-Katsuura in Wakayama.

But I think my point is, you can have all these beautiful moments at home, instead of spending tonnes of money outside in a cafe. Buy good quality tea, coffee, plates, cutleries, and just get the snacks you love and enjoy them at home. Not only is it cheaper, it is also much more relaxing.

Stay tune for Part 2, where I will show you some of my homemade snacks. They may not be so pretty as what is shown in this post, but they are just as yummy and make me just as happy!

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