Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exploring Vietnam

If you haven't figure it out yet, my next project is based in Vietnam. Hence the fascination with Vietnam recently in my blog post. In fact, I will be spending half of next month there working and holidaying. I wonder if I should pick up Vietnamese. I'm really excited about it and looking forward to going back, but this time, on my own alone... So I have been trying to read up more about it, and I got these two books from the newly open Bedok Library. I love Singapore library. Me going there is like me shopping in a bookstore where everything is free! 

For a start, I am headed back to Ho Chi Minh in November for work, and I look forward to explore it on my own. Top of my list is actually Vietnamese massage, and Bahn Mi. Lol. Plan to stop by the market and supermarket to shop for coffee and stuff as well. And on the web, I found back Mark Wiens' webpage that has a wealth of information. I used to watch his YouTube on Japan last time when I was planning my trip there. And now, woohoo, he has full information on Vietnam too. I especially love the 25 Dishes to Try information. Thank you Mark!

Next, I'll be headed to Hanoi, finally going to Sapa for some tracking, and Halong Bay to cruise the beautiful scenery that looks like they came out of some fantasy world. I am really looking forward to it. Not only that, I've also exchanged all my sky miles for a Business Class ticket back via Singapore Airlines. Between getting a round trip to Taipei, and a Business Class ticket, I decided I wanted to experience something new. I sure as hell wasn't going to pay for a Business Class ticket myself, so this was my chance to experience it for free (kinda, I still have to pay cash for the taxes which totals to around SGD70). Now here's hoping they will upgrade me to First Class with any luck!

Interestingly, I've also booked a cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore next year December 2018! I know I know, it is only 2017.... But I just love cruises, and so does my husband. It was a motivation for me to stay on in my job since I have to pay for the cruise. It is a 14 day cruise, and it will stop at 3 location in Vietnam! Hahaha. See, I told you next year is a Vietnam year. So looking forward to being bored on a cruise! So if you're wondering what I am up to most of the time, yeah, this blog kinda says it all: making and eating food, and planning my travel :)  

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