Monday, October 30, 2017

Vietnamese Ice Coffee

Ok, as all stories goes, it started with me watching YouTube. YouTube is a dangerous channel that gives you funny ideas! So I was well, I couldn't remember why I was on YouTube.... Oh yes, I was watching bento making videos cause I have started packing my lunch to work again. So to get some ideas, I go to YouTube for inspiration. One thing lead to another, and I was watching Bahn Mi videos, and that lead to Vietnamese Ice Coffee Video cause I didn't have the necessary ingredient to make Bahn Mi and I wasn't going to settle without making something! But I'll leave the Bahn Mi video below for future reference. So let's continue with making Vietnamese Ice Coffee! What you need as shown above: Vietnamese Coffee Powder, ice, and condense milk! Easy!

I have a post on Vietnamese Coffee before, so you can refer here to read more on how to make it. Usually I drink it black, but YouTube convinced me that I had to have a cup of ice coffee now! And since it was 9pm at night, I went easy on the coffee and made a weak one. But I did add 2.5 teaspoon of condense milk in it. It was kinda diluted cause I don't like sweet drinks. 

Voila, ice coffee. I need to make it thicker, or with more milk at least, although it was already too sweet for me. And I needed more ice. Or let the coffee cool before pouring it to the ice. The other alternative I saw on YouTube was to make a cold brew coffee, but that would take hours! Maybe next time. 

This is what is left of the coffee powder. And I use this as a body scrub. It is kinda rough, so I only use it maybe once a week. Just mix it with water and apply on your skin. It's kinda acidic and feels really clean after use. It's gentle enough to use it on your face as well, or at least, I do use it on my face. It's great for getting all those stubborn blackhead off! I've stopped buying commercial scrub after using this cause it feels better, and more natural. For softer or milder feel of it, you can mix it with yogurt or milk before scrubbing. I'm just too cheap to waste perfectly good milk, so no. I will leave that to the spa expert when I go there. 

So it started with this video cause I really really miss the Bahn Mi in HCM

Reason for this post was caused by this video

Cold Brew Option

Btw, I love her videos!

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