Monday, October 2, 2017

Biz Trip Mumbai - Trident Hotel

Clearing my backlog of Biz Trip blog entries. Today I will be blogging about my very first trip to India, from 14-February to 20-February 2016. I have briefly mentioned about it before in my previous post here. I was very excited as I was going to Mumbai. It was a good city to start as it was one of the richest city in India, and was a rather modern city. I travelled with my colleague on the first flight out on Valentine's Day to start our adventure there. This was the start of my love affair with India. To date, I have been there 3 times, and I love every single trip! Above is the sight that greeted me every morning from my hotel room.

We stayed at the Trident Hotel at Nariman Point, and this was probably the best hotel I've ever stayed in all of my business trip to date. Due to staff safety, we were allowed to stay at a more expensive hotel in India, and this apparently was the default. It was only 10 mins walk to our office, and it does have a dark history where a terrorist attack sieged the hotel a few years back before. There is actually a memorial of it at the pool level of the hotel. Anyway, above is a photo of what my room looked like. It was lovely. 

The toilet was fully filled with toiletries, and a flower always brightens up my day.

These are the lovely toiletries provided by the hotel, and I totally adores these! I used it on the first day and started collecting them every single day so that I can bring them back with me. They smell so gorgeous! Of all the countries that I have travelled, I must say, India's hotel provides the best toiletries, probably because they base it on the ayurveda tradition, using floral and citrus scent. 

The mini bar was also fully stocked. But at this point in time, I haven't start drinking with my colleagues yet as it was still at the early stage of the project and we weren't so close to each other yet. So I was pretty much sober through out the trip :P
Snacks were fully stocked as well. I didn't eat any of it as it was pay on demand. But they do provide 2 fruits daily, mainly mandarin oranges, and I ate all of that as I really missed fruits. The hotel also serves a wonderful breakfast in the morning which I totally took advantage of. Most of my colleagues joint me during breakfast, so I couldn't really eat as much as I had wanted to. But the food selection was just wonderful.
Although Trident was a rather high end hotel, pathetically we had to pay for our internet. And it wasn't cheap either! My colleague sign up for it, and since it allows up to 4 device to be connected to it, we all shared the cost to use it. Above is my precious Mac accompanying me every night in the room. He looks like he belongs there, doesn't he. If you don't know yet, my Mac is a he, and his name is Markus.
As I've mentioned, I was collecting the toiletries provided on a daily basis, and I think the hotel staff notice it, cause to my surprise, on the last night before I was supposed to check out the next day, I came back to the room and saw an extra complete set of toiletries nicely waiting for me in the toilet! I was so happy! It's the little things like these that wins loyalty from customer! Believe it or not, I am still using them after 1.5 years later! Thank you Trident! And because of my wonderful experience here (minus the internet), I actually choose to stay at Trident's chain of hotel when I travel to other parts of India like Agra and Jaipur. All their customer service exceeds expectation. I will comment on them when I come to those entries....

This is a photo of the pool at level 5. I don't know why we only came here on the last day while we were waiting to check-out and headed to the airport. It was beautiful here! I told myself I would definitely come here again next time I am here, but sadly, I haven't got the chance yet. 


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