Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Blues - Cure for Depression

You know what always makes me feel calm? A day at the onsen. And that is where I run to these days whenever I need some "me" time. I usually go on a weekday, to avoid the crowd. It seems I needed a lot of "me" time recently. Seems like my life decided to turn up-side-down for some reason the moment I turn 40. So this post is about things that cheers me up when I am down, and needed some time, or some pampering for myself. I don't really treat myself much except for the usual backpacking adventure. So when I'm stuck in Singapore, what do I do to cheer myself up? Well, one, is the onsen. But I just ran out of entry coupon, so need to wait for the next round of roadshow sales to get some together with my colleagues..... Above photo was taken on a day off to see the doctor. After he cleared me of my sinus infection without having to do any further procedures, I was so happy I spend the rest of the day here as I have taken a full day's time off in anticipation of the visit to the doctor. 

Little small joy in life, KFC porridge chicken, eat on the morning before my doctor's appointment. I was one hour early as I hitched a ride from my husband. So a hot bowl of porridge was just the thing to sooth the soul. It reminded me of the days I use to have this for breakfast while I was working in my previous company. 

Recently I have been rather addicted to coffee. Good coffee was expensive to buy outside, but this one is quite a delight! From Mr Bean, this is Vietnamese coffee, with soya milk !  simply love this! And it only cost SGD1.60, and the cut is so pretty too, with the beautiful words to remain you of life's simple pleasure.... Whenever I feel down during weekday, I will grab a cup of this, and it somehow make the day feel better... A small treat, since I can't afford Starbuck coffee... lol

Although I hardly buy any snacks, always referring to them as junk food, from time to time, I have this urge to just take out one whole SGD10 bill and just go crazy. So one day after gym, I decided to visit some Japanese and Korean snack shop and ended up with this haul: Honey Popcorns (honey potato chips are actually nicer), Yogurt Potato Chips (ugh but I just had to try it), Sakuto Macaron (whatever that is, it was delicious!), and Mikan Jelly. 

And my recent indulgence: houjicha flavoured anything. It started with Starbuck Houjicha latte which I love, but cost like SGD6 per small cup. Recently I discovered this Houjicha swissroll and Houjicha shots from Together Cafe @ Bedok and they taste so heavenly! I really need to find out how to make Houjicha latte at home, since I have a bag of Houjicha tea leaves at home! I tried making matcha latte the other day, but it didn't turn out as I'd like it. Better try next time!

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