Sunday, October 29, 2017

Popcorn Experiment

Popcorn is ridiculously cheap to make on your own. I have tried it for the first time making it here. But the problem was, how to make it as tasty as the commercially bought type.

So above is the type of commercial popcorn that I usually buy for my popcorn craving. My favourite is cameral, although I will also eat the cheese and dark chocolate flavour. This brand is kinda hard to find somehow, but it only cost around SGD1.50 per pack. And I only need one pack to stop my craving that comes around maybe once every few months. But sometimes, I can go thru 3 packs in one week.... But the thing is, corn kernel are really cheap. Like a whole bag for SGD1? And you only need less than a cup of it to make a huge amount of popcorns. So even though my first experiment wasn't as successful as I expected it, at the back of my mind, a devilish voice kept echoing: caramel syrup can cure everything!

Yeah, so one sunday at Liang Court, I decided to splurge SGD10 for two bottles of the above: Caramel Syrup, and Chocolate Syrup. They were kinda expensive for such a small bottle, but I didn't want a big Hershey bottle and let it sit in my fridge forever. Plus, I had this delusion that Japanese products are better. Regret..... the caramel syrup tasted like cough syrup and was kinda watery. After the first use, I decided to keep them in the fridge in the hope that it will help thicken them up. I really didn't  mind the cost of them at all cause apart from popcorn, I can also use them for waffles, ice cream, french toast, and maybe flavoured milk or coffee! Actually just yesterday I was thinking of chocolate baked chicken.....

So making flavoured popcorn is dead easy. Above just combine everything together! Duh. But I did add a bunch if truffle salt to my popcorn before adding the sauces. I don't really use my expensive truffle salt that much, so I didn't mind throwing them into my popcorns. It tasted really awesome with the caramel sauce! Hence the flavour: salted caramel! Wahahaha. 

They do look pretty when you drizzle it as per photo above. Kinda gourmet looking! Too bad the sauce was kinda watery. My hands were covered in sauce after that. Even the bottle of the container was covered in sauce. And just to add, in my previous post, I put half a cup to make one serving. In this post, I actually used less than a quarter cup. Maybe half of a quarter cup to make one serving. And even that was too much popcorn for me! So I can actually reduce further! Maybe just one or two table spoon of kernel is actually sufficient! This is so economical! Popcorns are also healthy snacks! And keep you really filled up with air! hahahaha. Bye now!

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