Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Story of Muffins!

I am not a baking type of person. I don't bake cookies, I don't bake cake. I don't even make non-bake cheesecake. But I do bake tonnes of bread cause bread is staple food! But for some reason this year, I decided to make muffins! Usually muffins are really cheap to buy, but even cheaper to make! I got so inspired after making my first batch that I even spend SGD5 buying a Japanese version of a Muffin Recipe Book from Kinokuniya! One of those rare treat for myself, cause the book was so unique I thought it would inspire me more! The book is as per photo above. It was also in the budget corner, that was why it was so cheap. And don't you just love the bowl the 2 muffins are sitting in? I have a thing for pretty and cute bowls and plate. Or to be more accurate, I love taking photos of homemade food cause they make me happy and hungry, and pretty plates and bowl just makes everything better in photos. 

So back to muffins. Above is actually a store bought muffin. It usually cost between SGD1 - SGD3 depending on how fancy you want them to be. I'm not really a muffin fan, but after realising I can make muffin healthy, I thought I can make a bunch of them as snacks to nibble on! What a great idea!

Ingredient are as per shown above. These was from one of my healthy version bake session. I threw in like a cup of oats! I know oats are considered health food, but to me, there are just cheap food that keeps my tummy full. Plus, I actually love eating oats! For the above, I was making blue berry oat muffin. I've made a few variation of muffins to date, and I need to restart my baking mania as I plan to go back to eating homemade food again cause it keeps my mind busy, my cost low, and my body healthy!

Above is my very first batch of muffin. They look so pretty sitting in their silicon cup and in a traditional peranakan food cover. I got half a dozen silicon cup for SGD2 from Daiso. I wasn't sure how often I would use them, and I wanted something that was reusable, so I thought it was a good buy since I've already made a few batch to date. Above was just plain chocolate muffin with chocolate chips, nothing impressive. 

This is a photo of the blue berry oat muffin. Apparently blue berries will burst in high heat! And now they look like jam. They were also kinda soggy cause the recipe calls for soaking the oats in milk before using them to make muffins. Very healthy, kinda yummy, very chewy. But because they were moist, you can't really keep them for long. But since all my food are made without preservative, I usually finish them in three days. That's why I usually only have half a dozen each time. They only take me 30mins to make half a dozen. 

Above are the more creative version of muffins that I have made. The crumbly looking one on the bottom left was actually quite good. It was made of spring onions and cheese. Apparently you can make savoury muffins too! I did not know that! Thank you YouTube for teaching me so many cool stuff! I also learned that I can make omelette cakes using the muffin silicon cup and just heat them up when I want to eat them! Haven't got a chance to try those out yet! Coming soon! Anyway, the other two are jam filled muffins, Again, liquid kinda bubble when heat up. So they kinda burst out. Still yummy, but messy!

I realise that I have a story to tell for every photo I share here. And food seems to be something I love making, love eating, love planning for, love taking photograph of, and love to write about. So I'm gonna do a few post on snacks I eat just to show you what I do at home when I'm free. Maybe they will inspire you to also create little snack moments in your life that makes you happy! Stay tune!

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