Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Biz Trip Mumbai - Indian Food

Even before landing in India, I have always loved curries. I grew up in a very peranakan family, we have fish curry every Sunday. Curry Capitan was always on our Chinese New Year menu. So I had no issue with India food at all. I had my first tali buffet during lunch with my colleagues. It was around SGD7.50, and it was a vegetarian buffet. What value for money! Everything was delicious. They even serve butter milk with it, which my Japanese colleague totally advice me against drinking it. I drank it. And can you see that plate of onions in the photo. Indian seems to love raw onions. Unfortunately I also love raw onions, and this was the first time I actually have to fight for my share of onions before all my Indian colleagues finish them. 

Another place I love in Mumbai was Mahesh Lunch House. I actually went there twice. First time was just three person, and we ordered the usual curries and rice, and the taste was fantastic. I thought Malaysian curry was good, but in India, the spices speaks a language that is out of this world! We always get kinda lost getting here, but the food was always great!

Above two photos was taken on my last night there. I went with just my Singaporean Indian colleague, and we ordered the bbq platter, and the black pomfret with tumeric spice bbq was the best thing there. I can still fondly recall the smell and taste of it. How is it tumeric in India taste to much better there? I love tumeric. I would eat tumeric fried with anything!

After meal mouth freshener. The spice covered in yogurt was my favourite. I got one big bag home as well. 

The briyani rice there was also a score for me. I remember we went to this bare looking restaurant one night, and I order a very boring looking briyani, but the moment i try it, it was just pure joy in my mouth. The above is actually my last meal there. Since Trident was such a high end hotel, everything was expensive there, so on our last day there, we took a walk to another hotel along Nariman Point, and I ordered this briyani. It was served with a side of raita (yogurt, cucumber, onions, tomatoes). When you mix the two together, and the spiced chicken, OMG. Love to the max! And it cost around SGD10 for the meal. I think it would have cost SGD40 at Trident.

Lastly, here is a pix of some of my colleagues and my boss in an Italian restaurant one night. That night was the only night I drank some alcohol through out this trip. So totally 360 from my Vietnam trip, lol. Alcohol is bad for the skin! Bad for the kidney! And bad for your braincells! So I'll leave you guys here with those wise words. Drink safely!

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