Thursday, October 5, 2017

Biz Trip Gurgaon (June & August 2016)

I visited Gurgaon twice in 2016 for business trip. This is a combine post of both the trip. On my second trip, my room was on the same floor as Nirvana. How cool is that! Hahaha, just gotta take a photo of it. We stayed at the Taj Vivanta Hotel both times. It takes about 30mins by car to the vendor's office, and every trip was an adventure to me. Gurgaon was very different from Mumbai. They have pigs, cows, goat, everything running all over the place. When it rain, it floods. Traffic was horrible everyday. My favourite past time there was spotting people urinating in public places. You'll be amazed how many I can spot in one single trip! Hahaha. It was an amazing and comical place for me. The only down side of it was, I couldn't really venture out on my own. So I was just in two location: hotel, and office. 

Above is a photo of my room. It was pretty nice, but not much view to see as there was a railway just outside. So I kept my blinds close most of the time except when I was sleeping.

Toilet came with long bath, and this was my little pleasure in every single business trip except Vietnam.... Anyway, without any places to go, I really took advantage of the beautiful bathroom and spend almost every night soak in that tub. The June trip was actually just after my holidays in Wakayama, Japan where I was at an onsen every single night. So when I went back to Singapore, I really missed soaking in hot water. So the business trip was a great way to continue that habit.
Something extra about this hotel was, they have a pillow menu. So you can actually pick the type of pillow you want. And by the way, the toiletries here smell heavenly. Mainly rose scented. I collect it daily and brought everything home with me. Still using them. And yes, Baby Yoda travels with me everywhere I go.
As I knew I won't be able to go out much, and dinner is on our own, I brought cup noodles! And when my Taiwanese colleague also join us for the trip, we had a noodle exchange! I totally adore the Chinese Wine Chicken noodles she let me try and am totally addicted to it now. Sadly they are not sold in Singapore. I did accompany one of my colleagues to a Thai restaurant in the hotel one night, but the Thai food was really off key...

Happy to say the breakfast was great. Enjoyed it every day. Look at the jam jars they serve! The above picture is actually my husband's breakfast when he join me on my last trip there before our tour of India. Usually I don't eat any meat for my breakfast. I am naturally vegetarian :P
This is a photo I took on my last day of work. Cause it meant the start of my holiday around India! I have booked a private tour to visit Delhi, Agra and Jaipur as I initially thought I would be travelling alone. I made sure I had a private driver, and stayed in all 5 stars hotel. It actually cost only SGD900 for a 4 days 3 night tour. But in the end my husband decided to join me since I was crazy enough to travel in India alone. I bargain for his tour price, and I think we only added SGD150 more. Yes, even if you book a tour online, you can bargain for the price. There were many an exchange of email/forum updates before everything was actually confirmed. But I'll tell you more about the tour once I'm done blogging about Gurgaon.

And look, bosses laughing at people hard at work! We were stuck in this room most of the time, except for lunch which was arranged in another dining room in the building next door. It was kinda like a guarded campus there. And we were held prisoner there to work, with just the car transporting us there and taking us back to the hotel every day. 

Lastly, just to add, on my flight there, I actually sat next to a monk. And although I was polite and all, I didn't actually spoke to him. But after our meal, he started talking to me. And it was a very candid talk, and it was before I knew who he was. To me, a monk is a monk, someone I could be honest with. So we talk about almost everything. Until he decided to lights off and take a break at least, lol. We exchanged business card, and I googled him when I got to the hotel. He really was an adviser to the Dalai Lama as he said he was. And I have had the privilege to chat with you all the way on my flight there. What an honour!

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