Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 Schedule Book

I am mad about pretty notebooks, scheduler, and diaries. I have a whole drawers full of new notebooks which I have grand plan for in my near future. But that doesn't stop me from buying more even though I have significantly cut down a lot by now due to my minimalistic lifestyle. But since it was the year end in December 2017, and I was out window shopping a lot, I decided to treat myself to a scheduler book for year 2018. And since most was expensive, I settle on this super o-biang, for below 12 year old, kid scheduler that came with this super big manga magazine! It cost me SGD12 from Kinokuniya, and I just really wanted the cute scheduler book, but thought it was a good idea to get a manga for kids to improve my Japanese. 

I knew I won't really regret this purchase cause I have bought such a manga before in my past, and I still have the free origami building that came with it. In fact, I used it for storing my stamps. So I knew no matter what, this schedule book was gonna survive through the year as a keep sake. So let me show you what is inside. Apart from the magazine, a separate box holds the schedule book. And inside there were: schedule book, 2 book cover in case you want to change them, a plastic book cover to protect your book cover, one fluffy as hell pen, and stickers for your schedule book. Nothing I could have ask for more to start my year right!

Here are the two book cover up close. Actually the magazine was call 'Ciao" and they were meant for girls around 12 years of age. I am 41 this year, but my Japanese is like of a 5 year old, so I though this is just nice :P


This is my schedule book all dressed up. I pick the less childish looking cover, you know, in case I need to bring this adorable book out with me any time soon for whatever reason. It is really just a small compact book. Let me show you what is inside.

This is the content page. So it's call the Dreamy Schedule Book, and it is meant for you to make your dreams come true! How cheesy! hahahaha. It even has Dream Steps 10, step by step to achieve your dream etc. I think at age 12, I have no dream what-so-ever. I think I just wanted to go to a high school where all my primary friends went to. I wanted to eat Chicken Chop every day. And I wanted to go out as much as possible. That's about it. 

But in this book, there is a 10 dream challenge for you to achieve. It was amazing. Which 12 year old throws their own party and make all their own food! The recipe was actually cute and easy to make! Maybe I'll try them one day. So on the left page is all 10 challenges, and you can put a tick once you have achieve them. You can do one a month. That was the whole idea.

Here is the more detailed challenge #1. The rest of the challenge was even challenging for me. There was one challenge on hair styling! OMG. This book was too adult for me!

I prefer the more light hearted cartoon side of the notebook. So remember, I got this in December 2017. And in my next blog, I will show you what it looks like one month later, and how I plan to use it. 

And in case you are judging me for having such a childish schedule book, I actually have another housewife schedule book which I got in December 2016 from Hokkaido! That one is super awesome with recipe and cash balance sheet and all sorts of cool stuff. I bough it mainly for the recipe and the planning structure inside. But it is kinda hard to read, since it was for adult. I probably will write more about it one of these days soon. Stay tune!

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