Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hanoi - Postcard Sights

This will be my last post of my trip to Hanoi in 2017. I wanted to share some photos of Vietnam that shows a more real image of it. Things that reminded me of Vietnam. So to start, above, the beautiful ladies of Vietnam, carrying their goods to sell, for transportation, on their bicycles, transporting flowers, in their traditional clothes. These are the things that are uniquely Vietnam. And just for the record, I recommend visiting Hanoi instead of Ho Chi Minh to really experience Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is just another city, but Hanoi has so much charm and unmistakably Vietnam.

But apart from the traditional part, Vietnam is a developing country. So neon light, international sales, coffee, western fast-food are starting to take over the place. Above is the Hanoi shopping district area. It's quite a night life. And the cafe scene here is amazing! With their amazing chic cafe and delicious creamy coffee.

The asian heritage is still strong here. Tea drinking, bird singing, lanterns. Makes everything kinda magical really.

Family bond is still strong here. Kids running all over the streets, all over the mountains. Family eating together, neighbours knowing each other, comrades drinking together in the local Beer House. 

And the lovely market selling all sorts of fermented and salted stuff. Everything is so fresh, and everything so green! You gotta visit this place to truly experience it! See you soon Vietnam!

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