Friday, February 2, 2018

Hanoi - Eating Out

25-Nov-2017, Hanoi - Today I will just show you some awesome food we had on our last full day in Hanoi. We didn't have anywhere we needed to be, so mainly we just walk around, do some shopping, and ate a lot. First stop, for lunch, we just cross the road an squat on the ground eating roasted bbq chicken! So yummy!

The price was quite decent too. And my husband wash it down with a Hanoi Beer. All for maybe SGD6 for two person? I got some cute photos of me devouring the chicken too, but not gonna upload them on this blog :P

For dinner, my husband love seafood, so I just followed him to whether he wanted to go. I wasn't a fan of seafood, but I must say, Vietnamese seafood is awesome! Probably because of the sauces and condiment they put into it. For example above is scallops. In Japan, you probably get it bbq or boiled with  maybe butter or cheese, and nothing much else. But look at this one from Hanoi! Spring onions and shallots made it taste super delicious! love love love!

They also serve bamboo clams, another dish tat I love cause it's kinda hard to get these in Singapore these days. The last time I had it was at a super expensive company dinner at Grand Asia Restaurant in Bugis Singapore. It was super lovely too!

I didn't join my husband for dinner on the last night, opting to sleep in the hotel instead. So he went hunting for more seafood and shared the above and below photos with me. They all look yummy to me. I like my seafood with lots of sauce. And the shellfish steaming hot and full of garlic just look so yummy!

Being a Chinese, I do follow my heritage of eating anything and everything. So snails are not a big problem for me. Actually I don't really have anything that I won't try at least once. I have eaten many weird things before, but I guess I would stop at eating anything that is still alive and wiggling. I'm saying this cause I am planning a trip to Korea in May 2018, and am wondering if I should try that, lol. I have eaten worms and maggots and insects before without problem. But wiggling octopus? Na!

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