Friday, February 16, 2018

The Story The Coffee Tells - January 2018 Edition

Here's a looking back post of January 2018. My birthday is actually in January, and for some reason, I have been drinking a lot of coffee lately. So I thought I'll do a sequel of a "The Story That Coffee Tells" moments of January 2018.  I am sure there will be many of these to come in future. But for now, January was special for me. I have tonnes of free stuff to redeem as birthday gift! For a start, I redeemed a slice of Banana Espresso cake from Cedele. It was a Saturday morning, and we took a morning walk from my house to Parkway Parade. As Cedele also gave me a one-time 30% dine in discount for my birthday month, we had our breakfast there and saved around SGD10+ on the bill, and probably another SGD7 on the free cake. I love Cedele! Their membership is totally worth it! And a Banana Espresso Cake is still coffee, so it can belong in this post.

Starbuck also give their member free cake on their birthday month. Above is me buying a mocha salted caramel  ice blended in order to redeem the free cake, which my husband ate mostly. This was taken in Liang Court. We hang out two weeks in a row there to catch all the New Year program that was organised by Liang Court. Probably this is when I was so high I got my Super Cute Ciao Scheduler Book! Too much coffee!

Next stop is on my actual birthday itself, I finally persuade my husband to go to Laurent Bernard Chocolate Shop at Robertson Quay. OK, so this is actually Irish Hot Chocolate and not coffee, but still, I thought I'll just leave it here. This is my favourite drink in the whole of the world! Super rich hot chocolate, with Irish Whiskey! Need I say more? And they actually changed their serving cup since the last time I was there. Now it is BIGGER! 

January was also the month my new office started seeing more activities in their basement store. Above is the beautiful garden at the heart of the building. My town office is at Marina One, and I only go there once a while either for meeting, for event, or for dinner dates. It is a beautiful place to work, but expensive when it comes to lunch. I usually pack my lunch there if I am working there. But they have all my favourite coffee there! Let me start!

I got introduced to Jewel by one of my ex-colleague. We usually go to the one near her office. At first, I didn't really thing much of it, but the 2nd time I had it, I thought it was delicious, almost chocolate-y in taste. I haven't got a chance to try the one at the basement yet cause each cup cost around SGD6. It is expensive, but the real reason was because my other favourite coffee shop has also started business, and they have a one-for-one promotion on, so it was a no-brainer which to go to!

See! Mellower Espresso! I have wrote about them before in the original post about Coffee Tells, and you can look forward to read more about them as well in very near future, cause I took my Penang friend there when she visited me in December 2017, and we took a lot of nice photos of their shop in Bugis! You gotta wait a while while I sorted out all the photos before sharing more on it!

We ordered the Long Flat, and look how beautiful their serve it. Glass cup, black saucer, gold spoon! OMG! Super classy! I also bought some back for my other colleague, and their take away cup is equally beautiful that I ordered the take away the 2nd time I visit the place. I hope they have their 1-4-1 offer forever! I love their coffee! 

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