Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Malayan Council

I haven't done Singapore restaurant review for a long time now, but this place is so good that I just wanted to share it with you! It's call the Malayan Council, a halal cafe, and you can find them at either Arab Street area or Little India area. I went there for my office department's ladies night, although there was one ex-guy colleague that turned up. But when he let around 9pm, it was totally a ladies night! It is nice hanging out with an all girl group that gets along!

Appetiser was ordered for us for those who reached first. Above is some kinda bread (I think it is pumpkin but can't confirm), and muscle soup. They taste great together cause the soup was thick and creamy. 

And this Malayan Wings is to die for! Lovely grilled with lovely sweet sauce that is also spicy cause they put chill padi in the sauce. Super love this. Just give me a bowl of white rice and I am already satisfied!

Truffle fries is always welcome. No sauce necessary for me for this. 

The serving here is actually quite big, and more towards the expensive side. At around SGD20+ to SGD30+ a main. So we ordered 3 main for 5 person to share. It was more than enough cause you need to save some space for desserts! Above is the fish and chips with Sambal Pedas. The fries here is lovely, and I really like the fresh salad they serve as well. But the fish and chip was not my style, so I would skip this. 

Next we also ordered chicken, and it was fried and smashed up and covered with sweet curry, served on top of rice. This was lovely although the chicken batter wasn't that great. I would eat this again. Really nice.

The beef was my favourite, although it was a bit unhealthy. I love it cause it comes with Roti Jala which I love. Plus the beef is cooked so tender that it just melt in your mouth. You don't even need a knife to cut it. And isn't it cute how all the curry dishes comes with 2 little quail eggs? By the way, the above dish I feel could easier feed 3 person. 

The other half of the table ordered this clay fish salted egg pasta. Not sure if it was nice. I'm not a fan of clay fish. And if the shop has a "Malay" in the name, I ain't eating pasta!

The star of the meal has to be the dessert. Not caring what other say, I insisted on ordering these three cakes for sharing. From front to back: Durian Pengat (enough said, right?), Bandung Lychee (what what what?), and Ondeh-Ondeh (Duh!). And the amazing thing is, all the cake came with one scope of ice cream too! And drizzled with gula melaka! I love it so much! Every single one of them! Although they cost around SGD8 to SGD12, it was totally worth it! You can't find these type of cake anywhere else. And they weren't filled with sugar either. You can really taste the durian, and the lychee cake actually has lychee in it! 10 over 10 score! 

I actually wanted to try the Ovaltine cake as well, but it was kinda too much to order. What a surprise, they gave us one slice of complimentary cake! And when I tasted this, it was heaven! All my childhood memory of scraping the milo tin came back to me. I totally love it! Excellent service here! And that was not all!

We were all actually given a return card with value in it. Actually ours were the SGD10 card, my friend got a SGD20 one also when she went to the shop in Arab Street but they couldn't book a table for us, so they suggested we go to their Little India outlet at Dunlop Street and gave her this voucher as a "sorry". I totally love it when service says sorry that actually meant something or really make up for your trouble,  instead of just saying it. It is a dying art in the service industry, and I think this shop does an excellent job at winning your heart. Give it a try if you are around the area. The cake won't disappoint you! I promise!

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