Wednesday, February 7, 2018

One OK Rock

After the previous post, I wanted to share with you why I love this band so much. So for a start, let me share with you my favourite song from One OK Rock. I don't really understand the lyrics of this song, but I just love the starting of it, and also how it builds up etc.

Plus the fact that these guys are so loud and crazy, here are some of my favourite music videos from them.

I love the below videos cause it's all black and white and shot so artistically

And this one was recently my favourite cause it reminds me so much of Linkin Park's music

And this one has been my recently ear worm since I first heard it in their concert. It helps that Aerosmith, another one of my fave rock band, also has a song of the same name :)

And here are a few clips showcasing how beautiful Taka's voice is. Don't you hate it when his cover is better than the original?

And this is the song that started my journey of listening to them. The fact that it was featured in the Kenshin movie helped too!

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