Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hanoi - An Ice Cream A Day

As I wrapped up on my Hanoi trip, I just wanted to dedicate one post on my favourite ice cream place in Hanoi. It is called Kafa Hanoi Cafe, and you can find it at the Hoan Kiem Lake. There is just something about this beautiful place and ice cream that made me felt so content and happy just eating ice cream all day long. The cafe itself looks lovely too, fitting right into the beautiful park. Rain or shine, if I am in Hanoi and walking in the park, I buy an ice cream to eat. It is the simplest joy in life! And I think it cost maybe SGD1.20 per cone!

I remember I had the very first one on my first day there. I picked chocolate. And when I taste it, it has a secret to it that made me keep coming back for more. Are you ready for it? Ok. Here is what I think. I think instead of milk, they actually used coconut milk to make these delightful ice cream. There is a distinct fragrance to coconut milk that I just love. And since you can also get coconut milk coffee in Vietnam, I was really delighted to find coconut made ice cream as well!

So the next day, I had matcha flavoured ice cream! So yummy!

And when I was back again, I wondered what to try, and the guy selling it recommended me durian, so Okay!

They have so many flavours, but I didn't get the chance to try them all! Will do so next time I am back! They say that if you travel to Italy, you should eat one gelato per day. I tried that. Gelato was too rich and filling for me. So usually I gave up after 2nd or 3rd day. But these little coconut ice cream, I can eat them everyday! Mainly  because they are just enough to thrill you, and just enough to keep you coming back for more. And that, is a better business strategy then giving you a tub of gelato everyday!

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