Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One OK Rock 2018

When Chester Bennington passed away in 2017, I had one big regret in my life which can never be fulfilled, and that is to watch Linkin Park perform live in concert. I told myself after that, that life wasn't worth waiting, and money wasn't worth saving. Cause in the end, we all die. So we should just do what we want to do before it was too late. So I finally bought a ticket to a rock concert for 2018!

One OK Rock is my favourite Japanese rock band. I started listening to them when they sang the themed song for the Runounin Kenshin movie soundtrack title "Heartache". The lead singer has such a lovely voice it was hard not to love their songs. Plus, they also sing in English, and get this, their music were so Linkin Park like that they were supposed to tour with Linkin Park in 2017. Sadly, that never happened :(  It would have been a bomb of a concert! Anyway, maybe I'll do a special post next on all m favourite music from them. But let's just talk about the concert in this post. I got a SGD172 ticket to the concert, damn expensive if you ask me! Considering I've only listened to some of their songs from Youtube, and couldn't really understand Japanese that well.

The build up for the concert was one of a nervous wrack. Mainly because one of my friend had agreed to go with me, both buying the same expensive ticket, and both not knowing many of their songs, and both can't understand Japanese! lol.  I was afraid it was a bad recommendation from me and I was wasting her money and time. I was afraid we won't know any song sang during the concert and would be bored to death. But still, I was excited on that day and we entered the Kallang Indoor Stadium at 630pm, almost 2 hours before the concert actually starts.

You know why I didn't go to the Linkin Park concert when I had the chance last time? It was because of bias perception. I was brought up in a society that rock music was bad, and the people who listen to rock music were rough folks who have no self control. I know now that that is totally bullshit. I didn't go to that concert because I was scared. But I am not scared any more. And One OK Rock concert proves the same. The audience that turned up, apart from the rock fans, were families. We saw whole family attending, kids as young as below 5, and grandma accompanying their grandkids. It was so touching. I never saw that in my other concern before. And OMG, when the band start performing! It was so energetic, and they were so fucking cool!

It wasn't a full house. But the crowd shouted and sang and dance with the band. We had a great seat and could see them clearly. I recognise the first two song and dance along, head banging and all. I knew things were going to be ok after that. The stage was beautiful, and the energy, the energy that these guys have was amazing!

I know that Jay Chou and Jacky Cheung sells way more tickets than these boys, but I can't stand concert that has dancers and costume changes. To me, I was there for the music, for the energy, for the love of their songs and their talent. So what mattered most to me was the music was great, and the vocal was not off key! Cause some singer are really awful live. Thankfully One OK Rock did not disappoint. Taka's voice was clear and powerful.

My photos didn't turn out so great. If you want better photos, you can search instant gram for them. These guys are not shy about sharing their life with their fans, especially Taka. His instangram is hilarious. Just one concert is all it took to put my life back on track again. After  a long time, I suddenly felt inspired and motivated. Their songs gave me a message of hope again. Thank you for the wonderful music. I only wished that the concert could have lasted a lot longer than just 2 hours. But it was a highly charged concert, so I can understand it took a lot of energy to pull off such a show. See you guys next time!

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