Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Skin Regime

Remember that Innisfree Christmas present I got myself? Well, you'll be happy to know that they are in a well used condition! Above is all my skin care products. I've always wanted a beauty regime. And got some reason, I've stopped wearing my BB cream since last year October, mainly because my BB was kinda expiring, and I didn't want to spend money on another tub of fake skin colour just to make my skin appear like a layer of smooth pancake. As you can see, I don't really like the makeup crap. But skin care, skin care I like. Mainly I like having clear and smooth skin. 

So above is my current regime for this year. Every morning I clean my skin with this BiFesta Cleansing lotion. I got this for only SGD2 from Watson as a trial pack, but it actually works like my Nuxe clarifying lotion, so I may change to this brand after all, although the Nuxe product smells much better. After that, I just put on my orchid anti-aging moisturising cream. And if my face is still too oily, I put on some loose monster glitter powder and head to the office like a little green happy dinosaur!

And when I am home, after showering (I clean my face daily and exfoliate on alternate days), I put on some skin serum, and sealed it in with my green tea sleeping moisturiser. 

For my lips, I hate lipsticks, so I only use lip balm. And I have been using Fancl lip balm since I first got them from Ginza few years back. They cost around SGD12 a stick, and this is actually my 2nd stick which I got from Wakayama 2 years back. I love it cause it has no colour, and is not sticky. It's like a dry lipstick. If you put it on before you go to sleep, you wake up with really nice lips!

And even though I don't wear nail polish, I have lovely nails. And my secret it protein rich food. If I see any crack or white line on my nails, I get paranoid and load up on protein. For some reason, I have a very rich protein diet. Even when I go vegetarian, I will be munching on nuts and eating tofu and soya products all the way. Even the greens I cook seems to geared towards bean like vegetables like French Beans, Peas, etc. 

So there you have it. Although some of my colleagues still treat me like a tom-boy, I can't really be bothered with them. All I know is, I need clear smooth skin to be happy. And moisturising keeps my skin happy! 

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