Monday, February 5, 2018

Vodka Experiment

Before I start this post, I just wanted to clarify that I am not a n alcoholic. In fact, I hardly drink. But when I do, I do it elegantly cause getting drunk is no chic. Actually I have never been drunk to the extend of throwing up before. What I do like, is a good drink, an elegant drink, a sophisticated drink. And that is why, my current drinking glass, is a SGD5 Moomin drinking glass from Miniso. Lol. And if you have been reading about my Vodka adventure, I have been meaning to experiment with cocktails containing Vodka this year. So here to share are 3 more of my experiment. 

First one is a lemonade cocktail. Made of freshly squeeze lemon juice, lime, calamansi or whatever catch your fancy. I personally prefer calamansi cause it's sweeter and smells just lovely. I added some mint as well to make it look and taste cooler. To pair all that, I use absolute citron, vodka infused with lemon. I am telling you, that vodka cocktail is currently my favourite alcohol from the duty free shop! Moving forward, I have decided to buy experimental alcohol set instead of just bottles and bottles of beer and boring wine and liquor!

Here is an aerial view of what it looked like. For cocktail always add lots of ice. It just makes it tastier somehow, and cooler looking! All the cocktail I make is so refreshing to taste! The above was made with almost 30% volume of the vodka in the trial bottle!

I made these fresh today. Today being a stay-at-home sunday. Since Chinese New Year is not too far away, I decided to make a CNY themed cocktail. It is made of half a bottle of yuzu juice, ice, one small mandarin orange, and vanilla infused vodka.

Here is an aerial view. Don't these baby mandarin oranges just look lovely? You don't have to squeeze them. You can just peel them and put them in as wedges. It makes a good bite and really refreshing when you bite into them! For alcohol, I only put like 3 tea spoon of vodka in them. I actually use hard liquor as a brain stimulant, kinda how I use coffee as a brain supplement as well. So you don't really get drunk drinking these cocktails. They are full of vitamins too! And so refreshing.

And so innocent looking in my Moomin glass! lol

The last one I made today was for tea, hence the Taiwanese Jiggy Cake next to it. This was inspired by a cocktail I had in Fullerton Bay hotel last year. It was an expresso cocktail then, but mine is just ice blended coffee with vanilla infused vodka. It was soon smoothing to drink. For coffee, I use freshly hand grind coffee powder, and drip it to get the ice blend coffee. Add 3 teaspoon of vodka and voila! Tea time!

My inspiration to blog is photos like these, showing a beautiful, peaceful and content moment in life.

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