Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Naturally Healthy Eater

I thought I'll share some of my eating habit here. This entry is going to be mainly green! When I was growing up, I hated vegetables, and mainly just eat protein and proteins. But after getting a bad result on my first health screening when I was around 24 or 25, I actually went on a healthier diet, mainly vegetables. In fact I was a vegetarian for a solid 3 months before being invited to an after work dinner that involved bbq chicken wings.... But that 3 months made me realise that I can easily survive as a vegetarian. In fact, vegetarianism is a very healthy and clean diet for your body. And I don't have any nutrient issue cause I do consume dairy products as well. Plus I love nuts, and protein based food like soya-anything. Lol. I am no longer a vegetarian, cause sometimes it is just too troublesome, especially when you are eating out or traveling with people. But I however a very vegetable friendly person. So above is actually how much vegetable I can consume in a day. Yes, in a day. Usually that day is Sunday, the only chance I get to go to the market and load up on greens!

Having cabbage soup is considered a diet food, and plain and tasteless. But not to me. I love cabbage soup. I find them fragrant and sweet, and love the soft texture. I can eat one whole bowl of it for a meal. Usually I throw some chili fish ball inside for protein. After eating this, it feels kinda like a detox effect. Like all that soup is going to really clean your kidneys!

I realise that I love natural food a lot. And I actually love vegetables more than fruits, which can be too sweet for me. I love things that are kinda bitter like biter gourd, or emping. Above is some greens cook with mushrooms. I love any type of mushrooms. There can never be too much mushrooms. I spend a fortune on mushroom. When I was a vegetarian, the most luxurious food was always monkey head mushrooms. I love it. 

I also love all the herbs like lemon grass (not in essential oil or tea or oil though, just for food), coriander, onions, garlic, spring onions, scallions etc. When I eat garlic, it is like with a vengeance for vampires! And the other "supposingly" healthy food/vege which I am in love with is tomatoes. Again, there can never be too much tomatoes. I love them sweet, I love them sour. 

And although people say white rice is bad for you, I still love them, and eat them religiously. Meet my new rice above, isn't it cute? Its from Thailand, and cost 50% less than Japanese short grain rice at SGD3.50 per kg. I don't believe rice is bad for you cause look at most of the asian countries, and even Japan. Everyone eat rice. It is vegetarian. It is oil-less. I think it is what you eat it with that causes people to grow fat. But say for argument sake you say we should all eat healthier rice, maybe brown rice, or mixed grain rice. Hahahahaha, I love those too! And have no problem with any time of rice at all. 

I do eat fruits, but not often. I guess mainly its because I'm lazy to cut them. Usually the fruits I eat are easy to consume, like banana, papaya. For treats maybe I'll eat baby tangerines. Pears, Apple, Oranges are a no-no for me. But if someone prepare them for me, I will usually eat them. Actually being vegetarian makes you realise how juicy fruits and vegetables are. Compared to meat which is drier. Meat also tends to have a stronger smell. I am sensitive to smell. 

Lastly, the holy grail of diet, green tea! I love tea. And recently I have been drinking houjicha and this matcha powder. It is so fragrant and refreshing to drink! And they say it is good for you? No way! Each pack will cost you around SGD 5 - SGD8 depending on the grade. I get mine mainly from Japan whenever I happen to be there. Each pack can last  me a one or two months actually. I am currently down to my last pack. But there are so many Japanese products selling in Singapore these days that I don't really have to panic about getting supplies any more. I highly recommend these green tea powder. After making these at home, I get really irritated how much they charge per glass in the restaurant! Lol.

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