Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hanoi - Water Puppet Show

24-Nov-2017, Hanoi - Vietnam is famous for it's water puppet show, and it was one of the item I wanted to do while I was in Hanoi. I have passed by 2 water puppet show theatre before, and wanted to go to the other more classy looking one. But Thang Long Water Puppet Theater was nearer to our hotel. So I bought a ticket for a 9pm show on the same night we reached Hanoi from Halong Bay. It was rather cheap, I think SGD6 per person? The lady selling me the ticket was quite a character. She was talking on the phone and eating a baguette while serving us. And when I paid her, she got distracted again and ask for money again. Before I knew it, my gangster personality came out and I told her in a stern voice that I have already gave her the money. She promptly apologises and gave us our ticket, no question ask. Lol. Sometimes I feel like all these travelling really have shaped me into a person that I sometimes don't recognise any more. Anyway.....

It was a show I had to watch, but at the same time, I was scared of getting nightmares after watching it cause, look above, those puppet looks freaking as hell! Plus, cultural show can be dead boring. I've seen them in documentary before, and it was so boring! But still, it was only 45mins. The program show that they were like 8 acts or so inside. Super value for money!

The theater was on the 2nd floor, which surprises me cause I always thought it would be on the first floor, it being in a pool of water and everything. The stage looks kinda neat. And on both side of it, live musicians and singer actually sat there through out the show performing! Kinda like a Chinese opera, but with the musician outside inside of at the back stage.

When the show started, I got excited. We can't really understand the play cause the conversation and lyrics were all in Vietnamese. But it was so freaking hilarious that I laugh all the way and enjoyed it so much. After watching this, I can understand the good nature of the Vietnamese people. Everything was just so comical in the show!

Every set was beautiful. Not only do they have water, they also have fire and mist. They have all the mystical creates as well. And when the puppet walk or swim or row a traditional Vietnamese boat, I can't stop laughing. They were so cute and comical! Incidentally, I tweeted after the show that Anthony Bourdain walks like a Vietnamese water puppet :P

At the end of the show, the puppeteers came out for a bow. 

And when you exit the theater, outside is kinda like a hall and it exhibits all the water puppets. You can actually see them up close and how they are made etc. But it's just not the same as seeing them alive and splashing around in the water! I highly recommend catching a show if you are ever in Vietnam! Delightful!

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