Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pre-CNY and Baby Tangerines

It's actually two weeks to Chinese New Year 2018, but when this is published, it will be just a few days to it since I stated prescheduling all my blog post to make it an entry per day. Yesterday, just to soak in the festive mood, but too lazy to travel all the way to Chinatown, we took a walk instead to the nearest town centre for dinner, and to see the Chinese New Year bazaars. The place was really decorated all red and gold and goods from China can be seen selling at the town centre. The photo on top is taken on our way back, just before we enter the market place are of Block 58 Bedok. The God of Prosperity greeted us as we enter our neighbourhood. 

The market place is my favourite place to go to every Sunday, for breakfast, for weekly "event" where different sellers are out in full selling their wares, for marketing etc. And whenever I am sick last time, after a visit to the doctors, I would stop by the market and buy some good old chicken soup ingredient to cook at home. The sellers in the market never fail to brighten up my day. So it's nice seeing the place all decorated up so beautifully at night that I just can't resist to take a shot of it. Cause we all know too soon, things are always changing. Photos like these may be a nostalgic piece in my near future...

This photo here is taken at the main road. I really love the lights that brightens up the neighbourhood.

And what is Chinese New Year without mandarin oranges! And my favourite tends to be these baby tangerines, which also happens to be in season around this time of the year. The top photo shows the before, and the bottom one shows teh after. Basically we buy a pack of it, and peel it nicely and put it back into the fridge to cool. They are so sweet and delicious. And so versatile! You can make so many things with them and not just eat them as fruits. For s start, you can make vodka cocktails with them. For recipe, click here :P

We keep the skin and also put it in the fridge as an air freshener. It gives a really refreshing scent! And besides eating it as fruits, they are also good to add to salad, or even cook together like bbq with marinated chicken or duck! Or maybe with caramel or yogurt! Yummy.

Here's my breakfast from yesterday: Ondeh-Ondeh, coffee milk, and tangerines!

Or today, for mid-morning snacks: black coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and tangerine!

Wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2018! Huat Ah!

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