Saturday, February 10, 2018

January Goals of 2018

So after a month of owning the super cute schedule book, what exactly do I use it for? Well, I'm gonna share about that in this blog. So for a start, the monthly schedule of January was filled up nicely. I used it to track my weight, my gym session, and other social activities. Yes, what you see written there is actually my actual weight. I have been putting on a lot of weight recently, but now I am on track to start losing them again. I also list out my achievement or highlight of the month. January being mainly the One OK Rock concert I attended which was kinda life changing for me. I also managed to blog non-stopped so far. I dunno how long I can keep doing this, but let's take it one step at a time :)

They say that to achieve your goal, you have to have specific target. So at the back of the schedule book, there is a nice body analysis kinda page, asking you to put down your favourite body part, what you like, what you can improve on etc. I know my problem areas: My tummy, my arms, and my core. I know what exercise is good for me, but sometimes I just lack the discipline. So I'm trying to change that in 2018. I am trying to train my mind to be more focus I guess.

As for short term goals, since I've quit my formal Japanese classes, I still inspire to learn the language, so for the first 1 month goal which I have more or less achieved I wrote daily blogging, and exercising twice a week.

For 3 months goal, I wanted to start learning my Japanese songs, as in writing them down, learning how to sing them properly, and learning their meaning. I have always wanted to learn all my favourite Japanese song, so this is a good time to start. I actually have a notebook already dedicated to it. Maybe I'll switch to a cuter one to motivate myself more. Plus the other goal was to start reading my manga. I actually have quite a few books at home. I've read some of them, but it was always half way. So I wanted to start reading and understanding them. So even though I have given up my formal education, I am now homeschooled!

For 6 months goal, I wanted to declutter my stuff and cut down on them, plus be more organise, discipline etc. I plan to use this blog as one of the tool to help me keep on track. So for instance, by sharing here my goals and what I plan to do, I actually check-in on myself more often and have a sense of commitment to keep to the target. I also plan to cook more, so you can look out more on my daily recipe and lunch box idea and how to keep a better diet. Needless to say all my travel blogs will start to slowly crawl back in from the dusty past as I try to revive my memories on whatever happened in 2014 or so. OMG. Good luck on that! So yeah, I'm gonna be writing more and more about me in the future here. Stay tune!

Lastly, 9 month goal? I wanted to plan and decide what am I going to do with my future. So that's a big plan. Let's see how I do later on, shall we? But for now, you can rest assured that my goal of retiring at age 40 has gone down the drain cause, well, I'm kinda addicted to travelling and good food, and I needed money for that. My passive income was just enough to keep me alive in Singapore. Plus, I am still supporting my parents which gets costly due to their medical fees. But as long as you got a heartbeat, you can still dream and achieve your goals! 

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