Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Watching youtube made me do this. Was watching a Nigella Lawson clip the other day, and since this is both simple and easy to make, plus most importantly it has all my favourite ingredient in it, I tried it out as a light dinner. To see how to make these, you can refer to the youtube clip below this post. These are call bruschetta, and they are actually snacks, or kinda tapas kind of food. They are usually quite over priced if you order them from a restaurant or bar, but it is really cheap and easy to make, especially the tomato ones. Mine has extra special ingredient in it. Let me share with you.

Apart from the ingredient mentioned in the video below, I also used mayo and liver pate as a base for all my bruschetta. I am just following my HCM banh mi concept. I also added onions and garlic to my tomato salsa cause I love raw herbs. So to make, just toast your french baguette, spread mayo, spread liver pate, and to it up with either avocado or tomatoes! They look so pretty too! I think I can eat these whole day!

Usually when you order this from a restaurant, you don't get so much toppings. But since I am making these at home, voila! Mountain of toppings!

I only used one avocado, which cost SGD2.50! But it was so yummy! Plus avocado is good for you! Especially for your skin! So try this out. Took me half an hour to prepare.

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