Thursday, January 4, 2018

Merry Christmas 2014

While the Christmas spirit is still with us, apart from decluttering physical stuff, I am also housekeeping and organising my digital clutter. And I came across this folder of Christmas photos taken in 2014 of my house. So I thought I'll share it here today, so that it can be immortalised on my blog forever (or until someone takes it down....) So above was the theme and look of my dining table during Christmas all the way back in 2014. Let us travel back in time....

As you can see, the toter jigsaw has been with us for a long time. It look so beautiful when the sunlight shines through it. The papa santa and snowman was probably from my husband. They are actually containers containing nuts. Great for my festive table decoration.

Apparently this is what I had for snack or breakfast, can't quite remember. I bet that is a Reese chocolate cup, yummy! And of course, espresso with fresh milk, no sugar added. 

Based on the photo evidence, this is probably what I had for breakfast, a soft half boiled egg, served in an adorable bowl which I can't seems to find any more in my kitchen. Maybe it has broken. I cracked it while carrying them back from Japan. I think these were brought from a 100Yen shop in Ueno Japan on my December trip with my girlfriends. I really love those bowls. So here in memory of it.... RIP

Seems like we always have baked chicken for Christmas. And look, a flower macaroni! I bet you are wondering how on earth did I get those! Well, there can only be one answer to that - JAPAN!

I got a pack of Hello Kitty macaroni from a Daiso 100Yen store in Harajuku. It comes in shapes of sakura flowers, and hello kitty. How adorable is that! And interestingly, I recall they taste quite nice too. I made tuna macaroni salad with them as per below photo. It's kid's stuff, but it made me so happy!

I love looking back at my photos and remembering all the beautiful things that have taken part in my life. This blog helps me put everything in one place, with tagging, and search function. And hopefully backup too! In case my laptop crash, I hope this blog will survive and be a living memory of my life.

Merry Christmas!

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