Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mushroom Risotto with German Sausages

Since I've just posted on Italy the other day, let me also share with you my recent cooking adventure that is related to my recently trip to Italy. Over the Christmas long weekend, I decided to make risotto as one of the Christmasy meals. One reason was I wanted to slowly use up all the ingredient that is cluttering my kitchen. Now that I cook more often, I wanted a faster turn-over rate of the ingredient so that food is fresher. So on the menu that day for lunch was Mushroom Risotto with German Sausages. I'll post the dinner menu in the next post.

Here are the ingredient that I use. All the non-fresh items were bought from Italy, lol. I didn't actually use any truffle oil for this as it was tasty enough. I do supplement it with fresh onions and button mushrooms. Plus parmasen from year 2013! A cook once told me that so long as the cheese is not black, you can eat it. And eat it we did!

Close up look of the meal. The cheese makes a heck lot of difference in this dish. It makes it creamier, and silkier, and shinier, and tastier! And German sausage adds enough saltiness to this dish. 

For greens, I just anyhow chopped up some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and most importantly, vietnamese pickled vegetables! You can refer to how to make the picked vegetable here. While posting this, I am actually reusing the pickled juice to make another batch of picked cucumber!

To wash it all down, we pair it with a summer berries old bout cider. I just love berry flavoured beer. This is not my favourite, but it is a close second, and I think a whole lot cheaper too! Gonna stock up on this next time I am at the airport!

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